Sign up for the KP Volleyball Camp at The Bishop's School on July 13th and 14th.  Spots will go fast!

Purpose of the camp

  KP’S Volleyball Camp provides high school boys’ volleyball players to be coached by some of the best college volleyball coaches in our country.  The camp will feature coaches from Hobart, MIT, Pepperdine, Stanford, and USC.  During the camp the college coaches will be running all the drills.  Each camper will get to be around all these coaches for two full days of volleyball.

  After all the expenses are paid for the camp, the remaining proceeds will go to The Kevin Pratte Foundation.  Each year our board provides a contest open to all high school boys’ volleyball players to enter the KP’S Scholar Athlete and Civic Leadership Award.  2023 was our first season creating this event and over 50 athletes applied.  We were able to reward two students and help pay for their club volleyball fees.  To enter the contest the student-athletes had to be in high school, submit their resume, transcripts and write an essay.

  The KP’S Scholar Athlete and Civic Leadership Award takes place in late August and all paperwork must be submitted by the middle of September.  Our board and 15 volunteers review all the applications.  By the end of September, we announce the winners!  Feel free to contact Kevin Pratte if you want more information about the contest or want to donate to our 501 C3 Nonprofit.

Camp Itinerary for July 13th At The Bishop's School 7607 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037

9:00 AM Check in

9:30 AM Warm UP

9:45 AM Position skills breakdown

10:30 AM 6 vs 6 Wash drills/Go over how college coaches do a scouting report.

11:30 AM Lunch

12:15 PM Position skills break down.

1 PM 6 vs 6 Wash Drills

3:15 PM Cool down and stretch


July 14th

9:00 AM Check in.

9:30 AM Warm UP.

9:45 AM Position skills breakdown.

10:30 AM 6 vs 6 Wash drills/Go over recruiting with Coach KP.

11:30 AM Lunch.

12:15 PM Position skills break down.

1 PM 6 vs 6 Wash Drills/ NIL information.

2:30 PM Recruiting seminar with coaches and Coach KP for athletes and parents.



*Lunch will not be provided.  Athletes can order food from door dash or bring their own lunch.

*By signing up your son may be seen on the camp video we make and on our @kprecruiter Instagram page.


  Our camp is insured by the Junior Volleyball Association.  Throughout the year they provide insurance to countless volleyball camps.


The Bishop’s School

  KP’S Volleyball Camp will take place at The Bishop’s School located in La Jolla, CA.  The gym has three courts and will have and have seven college coaches running all the drills.  Campers are expected to arrive around 9 am.  We will start training at 9:30 am and campers need to be picked up at 3:30 pm.



  Tommy Morris will be speaking to our campers about NIL and how it has made an impact on college men’s volleyball.  


Athletic Trainer

  An athletic trainer will be at our camp.  Athletes that need ankles taped, ice or any other medical needs will be in good hands.


Recruiting seminar

  For the last hour of camp on July 14th, Coach KP and the college coaches will run a recruiting seminar.  Parents are encouraged to attend the seminar.  The purpose of the seminar is to educate campers and parents about the recruiting process.  This will be valuable information for the campers and parents because many of our campers are striving to play college volleyball.


Scouting Report

  During the camp the campers will meet with a college coach to see how they run scouting reports at their university.  All college programs run scouting reports when they face upcoming opponents.  This unique opportunity will raise our camper’s volleyball IQ and prepare them to know how to handle scouting reports if they are fortunate enough to play in college.